Our mission is to provide 20/20 vision for the next generation of young individuals. We believe in the power of bridging the gap between the older generation and the younger, hence the reason we provide stylish, and unique glasses for the entire family. Amelia Grace sunglasses symbolize and represent more than just fashion—although we provide that as well. It’s about creating a perspective of generational wealth. This wealth includes knowledge, connectivity, and empowerment among generations and the eradication of poverty amongst less fortunate families.

Our goal is to provide the best service to our customers' needs and to be attentive in all our relationships—with customers, suppliers, communities, friends, and family. Our strategy is to offer people a vast selection of the highest quality frames and lenses at great prices. We help people to define their personal style and beauty and to celebrate that beauty all over the world.

To build generational wealth. I plan to have my own factory to hire returning citizens, people who are struggling in life, we all have gifts and witty ideas, also a purpose. To educate my employees on ownership. I will reach back to others so they also can grow to their full potential.